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From the International Between Lives Regression Network:

“PAST LIFE AND BETWEEN LIFE SOUL REGRESSION is transpersonal therapy dedicated to helping you connect with your soul and experience consciousness from its perspective, with all the associated deep wisdom, compassion and love.

The key to bringing a person into a state in which they are in touch with their soul-nature is guided imagery and hypnotic induction. Through this process, the client’s attention is withdrawn from the outer world and focused within.

Exploring past-lives has two profound therapeutic aspects. First, it dissolves the fear of death as we see for ourselves that we have lived many times before and that after we are finished with our present incarnation, our soul continues in consciousness and we will in due course undertake another incarnation. Secondly, it can heal many issues with which we struggle in this incarnation and which we do not understand and cannot explain.

A between-lives regression shows us our nature as an eternal soul. We see why we have chosen to work with the issues we are exploring in our current incarnation, and we receive a clear sense of our degree of development as a soul and where we are headed. We understand that we are never alone.

The spiritual realms are our real home and are characterized by peace, joy, order, love, compassion and non-judgment. Exploring our experience of the spiritual realms gives us a sense of our true identity as a transpersonal being and of our role in the spirit realms and the nature and purpose of our various incarnations.

Regression Therapy can be effective in helping us to see the spiritual roots of our illness and overcome the issues involved which can lead to a return to full health and activity. When we see clearly what it is we have incarnated to do and how we may be avoiding doing it, then we will hopefully find the will and the courage to turn our life around and do what we are meant to be doing. When we do this, then these imbalances in our energy-body disappear and we hopefully return to normal health.”

I am a Past Life and Life Between Life Therapist member of the International Between Lives Regression Network. For additional information, please contact our website at:


BY APPOINTMENT ONLY - (970) 260-4641

PAST LIFE REGRESSION SESSION $125 - approximately 2 hours
(must have had a Past Life Regression before doing a Between Life Soul Regression)

BETWEEN LIFE SOUL REGRESSION SESSION $250 - approximately 4 hours

All major credit cards accepted.

FREE 30-minute consultation to meet with me and answer any questions you might have.

“You are not a human being in search of a spiritual experience.
You are a spiritual being immersed in a human experience.”

—Teilhard de Chardin


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