FootprintDistant Healing

“Infinitely faster than the speed of light,
our compassion and our prayers move at the velocity of love.
It's instantaneous!”

—Richard Gordon, Quantum-Touch, The Power To Heal

With our hectic lifestyles today, sometimes it is not feasible for us to take the time out of our busy day to physically attend a much needed relaxing, healing session. 

Receiving a distance Quantum-Touch® energy session is a convenient and easy way to enhance your quality of life without leaving the comfort of your own home. A remote Quantum-Touch® energy session is very powerful and can be equal to that of an actual hands-on session. It is extremely beneficial for those who are housebound, have no means of transportation, or live a far distance from any practitioner.

Distant Healing is a good choice if you are:

  • Too Busy
  • Physically Unable
  • Have No Means of Transportation
  • Out of Travel Distance of a Practitioner

Scheduling a Session

To Schedule Your Quantum-Touch® Distant Healing Session—

Call me, Vicki Smith
(970) 260-4641
Or e-mail me at:

½ hour session $30
¾ hour session $40
1 hour session $50
All major credit cards accepted.


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